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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Disney anyone?

Patrick and I decided to take a nice trip to Disneyland. We took advantage of the 80 degree weather and headed out for the day! It was great. Just us two and getting on pretty much every ride super quick and being able to actually go on every ride we wanted to!

Patrick had never been on the Toy Story ride so we decided to go for a spin. Lo and behold I actually beat him at the game (; at least by a couple of thousand points. I thought HE would be the better shooter but I guess I surprised myself.

Toy Story is ALSO one of my favorite Disney shows and so I HAD to get a picture with Jessie's hat. 

We also got to wear a few 3D glasses on many rides. What is funny is that I didn't even realize he was making a funny face until the day AFTER we took this picture.

Until next time...we love Disneyland and I will for sure miss it. We probably won't be going back for a LONG time, but it was sure worth going the day we did as it was not packed and such beautiful weather. Like Patrick, I love living in California. AND being so close to all of the theme parks around!

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